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The Role of the Lighting Designer

Whether utilizing lighting for security, landscape or dramatic effect, exterior lights can transform how you see and understand a building or pathways and can bring outdoor spaces, facades, and gardens to life.


The Control of light Part 2

Images like the one below are quite common in parks across Victoria. Whilst it may look warm, inviting and safe, we must ask, is it really required?


The Control of light Part 1

One of the most critical parts of the lighting design process is having the ability to control your light. There are a number of ways to do this, and this article will examine the ways in which we can control where the light is directed, which is crucial in limiting spill light.


Different types of Exterior Lighting

You have received the plans for an exterior space and are faced with the task of finding the right exterior lighting to suit the job. After reading this article you will have a better understanding of the best exterior lights and their ideal position in your exterior space.


Lighting Pollution– Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the effects artificial light pollution can have on the environment, and this week in part 2 we examine the effects on humans, flora & fauna.


Lighting Pollution– Part 1

Many studies have shown that poorly designed artificial lighting has adverse effects on the environment. Whether it be reducing the visibility of the night sky (SkyGlow), contributing to climate change or just glary and uncontrolled lights, the impacts are increasingly becoming a worldwide issue.


Basic Principles of External Lighting

There are examples everywhere you turn of poorly designed exterior lighting on projects. It has an adverse effect and is detrimental to the environment, humans and flora & fauna.


What is Concept to Completion?

Congratulations! You have been engaged as landscape architect and will be required to provide a project lighting solution. So, what‘s the next step?

Lighting and Electrical Distributors partners with Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Lighting and Electrical Distributors partners with Australian Institute of Landscape Architects – Victorian Chapter

Lighting and Electrical Distributors are delighted to announce that we are the new supporting state partners for the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA).

IDAVic- Upfield Bike Path

IDAVic Good Lighting Award 2020 – Upfield Bike Path

Earlier in the month we were thrilled that Moreland City Council was awarded the “IDAVic Good Lighting Award” from The International Dark-Sky Association Victoria branch.

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Rita Thomas

Rita Thomas

With more than 10 years’ experience in finance, Rita is responsible for all things accounts related at LED. She is the newest member of our internal sales set up and has quickly established herself as an important part of the team.
Steph Anderson

Steph Johnson

Internal Sales
Steph has acquired a variety of skills in her career to date and is an integral part of our internal sales team. Her fun and honest personality, combined with her experience in sales, has allowed Steph to develop the ability to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. Using the skills and knowledge she has gained over the last 3 years as a marketing student, Steph also oversees the marketing here at Lighting & Electrical Distributors.
Jackie Bain

Jackie Bain

Business Development Consultant
Having worked in the lighting industry for over 33 years, Jackie is an invaluable member of our team. She has worked in a variety of roles in her career and the experience she has gained has equipped her perfectly for the role of Business Development Consultant. Her passion, drive and can-do attitude embodies our philosophy here at Lighting & Electrical Distributors, and wholesalers and contractors can be assured of quality service from Jackie for all their project lighting requirements.
Hayden Woodhouse

Hayden Woodhouse

Hayden joined Lighting & Electrical Distributors as a storeman after 5 years working in the Electrical Industry. His duties involve despatch, stock control, warehousing and logistics. Hayden’s fun and outgoing personality means he is very easy to deal with for the various people he comes across daily in our Warehouse. He is always striving to maximise his time to ensure that the job is completed to a high standard.
Robyn Lang

Robyn Lang

Accounts Manager
Robyn’s employment at Lighting and Electrical Distributors P/L started on day one of the company, in April 2000, and Robyn has been proud to watch it grow from humble beginnings into the company it is today.
Robyn brings to the company over 30 years of accounts and administration knowledge.
She is instrumental in the day to day running of the business and has a wealth of experience in logistics and operating system roll outs.
Alison Woods

Alison Woods

After more than 15 years working for a distributor of electronic and electrical components, Alison made the switch to the Lighting industry.
Her years of previous experience liaising with suppliers and clients has given her an understanding for the value of timely supply and costings.
Alison has been an Estimator within the team for over 4 years now, and she looks forward to continuing to draw on her experience and understanding as she attends to our clients many and varied pricing requests.
Joe Polidano

Joe Polidano

Business Development Manager
After 15 years’ experience in the Electrical Wholesale Industry, Joe has appreciated the necessities to adhere to deadlines. Joe has established a strong rapport with contractors, wholesalers and suppliers. After cost estimating, and expediting several lighting projects within wholesaling, this experience has helped Joe transition seamlessly into his current position. Joe also moonlights as a musician, belting out covers in local bars and private functions. He finds it very fulfilling to satisfy a crowd. This transfers to his working day feeling accomplished by assisting customers in meeting their requirements. Joe has now been an integral part of our team for over 10 years and has developed the skills to liaise with builders, contractors and wholesalers in regard to creating and enhancing a harmonious working relationship within the industry.
Sean Moore

Sean Moore

Internal Sales – Specialising in KLIK Systems
Sean has been in the Electrical industry for approximately 30 years, starting out as an A-Grade electrician and then moving into project management position at Lighting & Electrical Distributors for the past 14 years. His primary role is looking after all aspects of a projects from order to supply. He also specialises in Extrusion Lighting, producing shop drawings, plan mark ups and take offs.
Sean is a bit of an allrounder and can handle just about any task in the office. From PC repairs to shop drawings, ordering, invoicing, he is a jack of all trades.
Having a vast experience in the Electrical industry, Sean can assist our clients with product information, installation and general trouble shooting.
Jack Ridewood

Jack Ridewood

Architectural Sales Consultant
Jack is our Architectural Sales Consultant. Using the skills and knowledge he has gained over the past 3 years as our lighting designer, Jack has made the progression to become our Architectural Lighting Expert.

With his natural flair and passion for lighting design, Jack can assist architects, interior designers, and landscape architects in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.
With an in-depth knowledge of AGI32, Australian Standards and Building Code requirements, Jack is at the forefront of any technological developments in the industry, ensuring our clients can rest easy in the knowledge we can offer a complete lighting solution for their project.

Nick Pockett

Nick Pockett

Professional Sales Consultant
Nick has nearly 30 years lighting sales experience. 16 years in the UK and the last 12 years working in Australia, enthusiastically servicing electrical engineers and end users within the commercial, education, healthcare, local authority, industrial & external market sectors. Nick’s lighting specialities includes field lighting design, lighting surveys & energy audits. Nick has worked on many high-profile projects across Australia. Nick also brings 17 years of lighting controls and commissioning experience. Nick’s pleasing personality, honesty, and passion, means he is very easy to deal with and always strives to get the best outcomes for his clients.
John Wall

John Wall

Sales Engineer
John brings to the company many years of experience in commercial and industrial lighting. His experience in providing practical and workable lighting design proposals are one of the many reasons why he has been sought after by engineers and architects alike, for over 40 years. John prides himself on integrity, service and providing value added design solutions.

His product knowledge and system application skills are unsurpassed, and his outgoing personality and enthusiasm makes the whole product selection process, a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Jason Hammer

Jason Hammer

Jason started his career as an electrical design draftsman, working with a number of Victorian based Consulting firms before concentrating his passion for Lighting into his chosen field. Having now worked in this area for over 30 years, Jason has worked on a number of award-winning projects.

Jason prides himself on delivering a lighting solution to meet the clients’ individual needs.

James Bradler

James Bradler

James has been involved in the lighting industry since leaving his hometown of London in 2002. Starting out as a lighting designer, James then made the progression to external sales, and is now the Sales Manager for Lighting & Electrical Distributors. He brings a wealth of experience to the team and has been involved with some of the most high profile projects across Victoria, including designing implementing the lighting layout for the MCG where he found himself dangling from the roof aiming floodlights onto the hallowed turf!


Jason started his career as an electrical design draftsman, working with a number of Victorian based Consulting firms before concentrating his passion for Lighting into his chosen field. Having now worked in this area for over 25 years, Jason has worked on a number of award winning projects. Jason prides himself on delivering a lighting solution to meet the clients’ individual needs.